Social networks

How to use social networks for your business?

Majority of the population uses a social network at least once in a lifetime. For companies, the use of social networks can create a close relationship with customers. This use could also help the company to build a more special…

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All about Watch, the platform dedicated to Facebook video

This new feature is still little known to the general public, but there is a huge gamble behind it. FACEBOOK WATCH CREATION Facebook Watch was launched in the United States in 2017 but was not launched worldwide until August 2018….

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How does social advertising work?

Advertising allows you to communicate to a large number of targets to generate interest in a product or service. Contrary to commercial advertising, the objective of social advertising is to change the behaviour of its target, or make it adopt…

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Company: on which social network to be present?

There is no longer any doubt that social media is a necessary marketing tool for any company that wants to remain relevant and visible in today’s busy online world. In fact, 92% of marketers say that social media has helped…

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