How to use social networks for your business?

Majority of the population uses a social network at least once in a lifetime. For companies, the use of social networks can create a close relationship with customers. This use could also help the company to build a more special relationship with its target people. But how to use social networks to promote and develop your business?


In order to optimize the use of social networks for a company, it is very important to detect and identify suitable networks. Knowing which ones have strong communication potential is a very delicate condition. Be aware that social networks require permanent work and regular attention. Working in a network with low potential will only waste time. A variety of broad social networks are available, and they are filled with a multitude of different categories of people. However, the networks in which the target populations are most enrolled should be selected. It is obviously of little benefit to work in a social network where there are not enough target individuals. We must therefore look for networks that are likely to be used frequently by the target audiences.


The characterization of the target persons allows both to know the suitable social networks, as well as the style of communication to be implemented. It is necessary to assess their ages, professions, daily problems, average income, gender, geographical location, interests, hobbies, habits, etc. The target group should be identified and the communication style used. Knowing all these parameters makes it possible to better interact with these people, and to stimulate them to consume your products, while ensuring that their expectations and needs are met. If, for example, the audiences are young populations, then you need to communicate in a way that is suitable for young people.


Performing measurements is a key task to optimize the use of social networks. Various indicators can be used for this measure, such as the number of interactions, the number of comments received, the number of new subscribers, and the number of visits to your page. Through these indicators, you can see the trend and behavior of target audiences, such as the most requested products, complaints about poor satisfaction, requests for new product lines or services, etc. Based on the evolution of these indicators, you can then assess the reach of your communications. This will also allow you to adjust your communication tactics according to the state of affairs. As an illustration, if you notice that the number of visits has decreased, then you should think about strengthening the popularization of your page.
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