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product information management

Why do you need a product information management?

PIM systems are critical to the administration of product details within a firm because they provide a centralized location for all data that can be organized, modified, and exported. A Product Information Management system can vastly impact the way your…

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Zoom in on the video – the marketing format that’s on the upswing

Nowadays, there are different methods for a brand to market its product. Video marketing is an effective technique for visually promoting something. Given that humans are more attracted to visuals, it is not surprising that video marketing is becoming more…

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All about user experience (UX)

User experience refers to the experience of using a digital or physical solution. It generally refers to the ergonomics of a system. It therefore refers to the quality of the experience felt and lived by the user during its handling….

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Digital marketing: how to get into AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Digital marketing helps an organization to focus on customer needs and expectations in order to grow and develop by responding to them adequately, through the internet, social networks, and connected applications and devices. AI or Artificial Intelligence is a group…

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